Saturday, 24 January 2015

Watch out for Skype scammere

Be careful out there. The last few days I have received several so called friend requests on Skype. Do NOT I mean NOT ad anyone you don't know already. 99.99% of people who ad you without reason on Skype are scammers who are ONLY after your money!
Right click on their name and go to profile. There you will see what their real names are. Use your belly guts to judge them. Trust your instinct

I wish religion was a private thing.

I am SO tired of seeing people promoting their religion and faith. 

I don't care who or what you believe in and it's none of my business and none of yours what I believe in. Maybe i should start posting about that again and again.

''I am a none believer of ANY religion''
How about that?
Would be rather annoying, don't you think?

I mean, I see pictures like 'If you're not feeling well, then it's because you need to search your God'', or ''It time to' seek God to find out what the truth is'', or ''If you have ever tried this and believe it's from God, press like and share'', or 'Need salvation, seek God''. I unsubscribe from as many as I can. If they want to get people Facebook is not a free commercial place. There are others MORE IMPORTANT things in this world!!!

It's like people sometimes are hiding behind their religion and as long they say amen and send prayers all shall be good. I am sorry but it takes real actions from real humans to solve a real problem.

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar sugar ......

We all know it. Do not eat too much sugar at the best none at all. We all thought we knew why, but research shows that it's not only because we become fat from sugar but it is highly addictive and dangerous substance. Hands on your heart, you did know that already didn't you?!
The thing is that when we are addicted, we simply don't care. We just want that rush. No wonder. See here what it does to your brain.

I Annegrete Krings, have been addicted to sugar as well, but only in a slight form. When I say slight it is because I have never been a Coca Cola, cake or candy addictive as we see so many being today. What I had wash a daily urge to sugar. It came to me almost the second I had nothing to do, and I had to fight the thought every day. Sometime I did fall into it and I regret each and every time. I did have that rush, oh yeah, and boy it did not feel good at all. My hands started shaking, my brain ran on super fuel and I did not feel good at all.
It became so bad that I consulted my Doctor, who checked my blood and told me that I was very close to the Diabetes level and that he wanted me to come for regularly check up!!! That chocked me and made me fall into taking responsibility for my own health. I found out about bad sugar and good sugar and how I could get the good sugar instead of the bad sugar.
They say there is nothing as good sugar, but I have to disagree on that one. Good sugar is what comes in shape of fruits and vegetables. Bad sugar is everything else. With that said, I do not say it is good to eat away of fruits. No, it has to be a supplement to a daily mixed diet. I have done that for years now and have never had a fruit-sugar rush! The moment I take anything with added sugar I feel it right away and my alarm bells starts ringing and I regret it.

Recently I have experienced how babies gets sugar in their every day morning porridge! I find that very alarming and disturbing. Babies becomes sugar junkie from the very beginning of their life. No wonder Diabetes is galloping and millions of people suffers on a daily basis.
The industry don't care much as the more sugar junkies there are, the more money they make! Many government don't take actions against the industry and regulate the amount of sugar allowed in food. Why> I don't know, but surely, with corruption being present every where, I would be very surprised if corruption isn't the case here too. Greed is what rules the world these days and who is the victim?We, as the consumers, are the victims. It is our duty to take responsibility for our own and our families lives. Don't leave it to anyone, for who money is what rules the world.

Recently I arrived in Kenya and the first thing I experienced with sugar here, was white bread tasting of sugar... YAIK! Right away I was alarmed and that was the only day I have eaten that ugly stuff. I don't want to become addicted from sugar just by eating my daily bread. We went to the supermarket and what I found was that I had to go through all the kinds of bread they had, just to find that sugar was added to almost all of it. I was lucky to find one brown bread with no sugar added and that is what I eat on a daily basis now.
I find it very disturbing that in a Country as Kenya, the industry more or less have free hands to do what ever they want. Not because of the Government and lack of rules, but because people simply don't get informed because they don't have easy and cheap access to these info. They get addicted without knowing it. In my country Denmark, there has been anti-sugar campaigns country wide. Has that changed anything? Well yes sort of. There's still a long way to go and a lot of information to be public and spread, but we are getting wiser and do look for alternative (native) ways to eat and drink. We still have a lot of Coca Cola junkies though. People mistakingly think that if they just take light, no sugar added Coca Cola, it will be all right. Nothing could be more wrong. It still makes you an addictive, a junkie!

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New Science Website Reveals the Truth About Sugar

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

YOU Would NOT Drink Contaminated Water, Would You?

That is what millions of Kenyans do every day. Why? Because they have no other choice. You can help us make sustainable solutions for them.

We are looking for serious and like minded people to partner with or visit and like Medi Shareafrica to solve this problem of water in arid areas of Kenya. You can inbox me if you want to contribute or if you want to be part of us. More information will be sent to you once you show interest. Thank you so much as you consider saving lives of people in arid areas of Kenya

This is the kind of water most African people are drinking on daily basis.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Parrots and Other Birds Need Sleep

Parrots and Other Birds Need Sleep
By: Mitch Endick

Your pet parrot is getting ornery and difficult to handle. Where he was once a happy camper, now your parrot is getting downright surly. At the same time you are getting less sleep and feeling rather ornery yourself. You and your pet parrot are both suffering from the same problem. Not enough sleep.

The drive home was long and tiring. Arriving home you see that there are some chores to do, the kids need your attention and the boss has given you some homework. Exhausted, you notice the hour is late and if you are lucky, you might catch five or six hours of sleep. Waking the next morning you still feel tired, out of sorts and cranky.

Even the weekend brings no relief with a busy schedule of household chores and family events. It will not be long before your sleep deficient grows to the point you are always tired and in a perpetually bad mood.

During the course of the average day, we humans are bombarded by visual stimuli. Messages from television, radio, cell phones and all manner of electronic gadgetry fill our senses. Artificial lighting and seasonal changes in natural light has a profound affect on many of us. The effects of this sensory overload are well documented in both humans and animals. Not surprisingly, your pet parrot can be adversely affected by lighting and noise. Things that the average human may take for granted, might pose a problem for the average parrot, or other per bird. With a possible lifespan of over seventy years, there are certain behaviors that are deeply engrained and one is the need for sleep.

Owning a pet of any kind brings with it tremendous responsibilities. Beyond providing the basic like food water and shelter, certain animals, especially exotic pets need special attention. Depending on the species, animals, including parrots have specials needs to which humans must adapt. Think of it as a kind of reverse adaptation. Parrots in the wild live in an environment vastly different from their homebound cousins. The fact is that all parrots are wild animals and are not domesticated like dogs, cats and other types of house pets.

Your schedule and living habits may include watching late night television or leaving the lights on until you go to bed. Like humans, parrots need a certain amount of sleep. Restful sleep helps the mind refresh itself. Sleep is important to help us recuperate from the stress of the day. The same is true for parrots and other pet birds. In order to ensure that your pet is getting recuperative sleep, there are certain adaptations that you may need to make.

Pet birds are completely dependant on us for their care. Therefore, it is up to the owner of the bird to provide a proper environment that is right for the bird. Since your pet parrot may not like late night television, you may need to move the television, or the bird, to another room. Reducing the amount of artificial light is another key to providing the bird a proper habitat. In the wild, many bird species, including parrots, will rest and sleep starting around dusk. That is far earlier than most human decide to hit the proverbial hay.

One way to reduce the birds over exposure to artificial light is to tent the birds cage or perch. These types of products are widely available through pet retailers. Keeping the noise down is another very important environmental consideration.

Allowing your bird to get a good recuperative sleep will improve his mood. Parrots are very intelligent animals and can provide us with many years of loyal companionship. It is up to us to provide everything these beauty animals need when we make them part of home and our lives.

Article From Article Source

Monday, 8 September 2014

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My Freedom, My Right, My Responsibility.

Set Your Self Free.

I have the freedom to speak!
I have the freedom to think!
I have the freedom to believe!
I have the freedom to live!
I have the freedom to be me!
To get this, I've made my self free!

I have the right to speak!
I have the right to think!
I have the right to believe!
I have the right to live!
I have the right to be me!
To get this, I've made my self free!

I have the responsibility to speak!
I have the responsibility to think!
I have the responsibility to believe!
I have the responsibility to live!
I have the responsibility to be me!
To get this, I've made my self free!

You should have the freedom, right and responsibility to speak.
You should have the freedom, right and responsibility to think.
You should have the freedom, right and responsibility to believe.
You should have the freedom, right and responsibility to live.
You should have the freedom, right and responsibility to be you.
To get this, you got to set your self free!

#freedom‬ #rights #responsibility

Friday, 15 August 2014



If anyone sees this profile in the name ‪#‎JessicaDens‬, be aware of the name used and the name on profile ‪#‎carlosjaviermart‬


Thursday, 7 August 2014

The only way to progress for you, is to change your self and mindset!

In my opinion, being ignorant for facts and having a closed prejudiced mind is what creates many of the troubles in your life. Be open minded and accept that some thing just are like they are and there's nothing you can do to change it.
The only way to progress for you, is to change your self and mindset!

Thursday, 31 July 2014

To Be Ignorant Is To Be Successful.

The way to be successful on the long run is to be ignorant and ignore all those new launches that pops up all the time. 99% of them is not going to stay for long anyway.
In AdPack Pro nothing is running away. 'The money is waiting in the list' and it's just about how fast we get them back to make further purchases and build our monthly outcome.

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Do you dare show your true face?


So many people in the Western and more educated parts of the World, complaints about the World and what's going on in it. They complain about Politics, their right or missing rights, animal abuse, child abuse, bad economy, no jobs, homeless in the streets, people in poor Countries going hungry,  and on and on and on. I wonder if they realize, that complaining alone does not make any changes?

I don't see them enter the barricades and protest for the sake of these issues. I don't see them do shit. They are too lazy because they in reality don't have to do anything because they have what they need. But it looks good to pretend, doesn't it. Does it feel good as well?

What I do see is a lot of people hiding behind their posts. They post pictures of Christ and religious phrases all over Facebook. I am sorry, with what purpose? They post pictures and videos of child- and animal abuse. That's good but do you also sign the petitions? That you post a picture of Christ or post a religious phrase doesn't change anything! What it gives you is some likes and comments from like-minded. Go on doing it, keep sleeping. Just leave it to others to take actions. The action takers will get all the phrasing in the end and you will be a happy Larry because the changes actually happened. Just remember it did not change because of you, but because of other peoples actions.

The only thing that has a change of making anyone waking up is ACTIONS!
Why I say this? Because I know that so awful many people are ignorant and leave it to others to take actions. You people need to wake up. Take your life in own hands. That's the only way to completely live.

Did I just offend any of you and do you want to delete me now? I don't care. It is time to wake up - Take responsibility - take action. Do you dare show your true face? I do!

Law of Freedom is very simply:
"Morality and Freedom are directly proportional to each other. As Morality increases, Freedom increases. As morality declines, Freedom declines"
~Mark Passio

Listen to

Mark Passio on Good Vibrations 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Sharing Some Knowledge!

Let me share some knowledge and personal experience with you that I've learned over the years, and they have been many now!

If you promote different programs over and over again-How do you think that people look at you? 

Do you think they see you
  • As a serious person? 
  • As a successful person?
  • As a person who knows what to do to build an income?
  • As a person they would want to follow?

Me? I do not see you as serious, successful, worth following person or as the person who knows how to build. I see you as a person who chase fast 'here and now money' that will probably not last, just to be paid here and now. 

Why? Because I've seen them all and I've seen hundreds of my friends been into 'THE NEXT BIG THING' too many times and I've seen them complaint and being sad about the crash of a company, about the loss of their money. About they have to start all over again! That all happens because people are led into it by false claims, people not educating them self and people being greedy and let them self blindfold by false promises. Yes they may be paid a few time, but they do not get paid for life, over and over again.

Think about it. If you focus all your energy into one business and this is what people see again and again, do you think that will make a different and tell people that 'maybe I should look into this and see what it is. I've seen it around a lot and for a long time. Looks like it's going to stay'. It is like any other offline commercial. The more it is exposed, the more it will be sold. Treat it like a business and not a hobby. If you treat it like a hobby, it will never become more than a hobby.

These programs has given this Industry a bad reputation and we're all suffering from it. I've been into those types of programs as well and I've also been promoting all stuff at once and for what results? Nothing, nada, niet, zils!

All it did was to throw me back to square 1 just one more time and left me to start all over again.
That is why I work with Johnny Gan and have done that for almost 4 years now. We met after the crash of a scam and false claims and promises and found that we think alike and support and inspire each other in a good way. I know 100% that what ever Johnny is doing he is honest and only have one goal.
To see you, me and all of us become successful and make the money and business that we aim for. To become the success we all want to.

We all look for transparency, honesty, reliability and a visible, easy to contact admin, and that is what we have in Johnny Gan.
We have a unique system with AdPack Pro. It does not come more safe! Nor does it come easier anywhere.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Are You Really REALLY Serious About MAKING MONEY ONLINE?



Are you ready to stop jumping from launch to launch?

Are you ready to

Stop chasing the Rainbow where it's not?

- To stop chasing empty promises?

- Focus on one Income Opportunity?

- To look at the most brilliant and easiest system ever!?

- To look at a system so easy even a child can do it? No kidding really!

A system that can be build into thousands every month the easiest way ever for a one time $25?

We have a a GENIUS among us who understand how to build an income system that works and what it takes to make money from simple systems.

We have the creator online and visible with us every day.

We have his name, his emails, his Facebook, his presence.

We have an active Facebook group for support.

We've just experienced the most horrible thing anyone who cares about people can experience. 
We had the most wonderful and perfect system setup for automated incomes for life. Meaning that once you had setup 6 Paypal buttons you would be set for an income every month FOR LIFE!!!

Why was that a horrible thing? 
Because people joined and started to make money with it and then the next thing launched and the matrix fall apart beyond repair!!!

What did that show me?
That showed me that people are ignorant, do not learn the stuff, they are greedy and want to keep jumping around from launch to launch till the day they die. Idiotic isn't it?

Focus on this if you can!
We've just launched the next best system ever created. It's not automated but it works. We had a blast of a launch.
It is so simple even a newbie can do it. It's available anywhere in the world where Paypal or Solid Trust Pay can be reached. It's recommended to have both accounts but not a must. What it means is that with both options it will run more smooth for everybody. 

Adpack Pro Is An Easy To Handle Income Option With And From Adpacks.

What AdPack Pro it is NOT!

No matrix to build
No monthly forced subscription
No time-pressure
No demanded referring to earn. Any business needs people and of course so do we. But surely, if you make money wont you want to share with friends?

- nothing to do with experience 
- nothing to do with knowhow 

What We Do Have:
AdPacks with returns of 200%
Advertising your other business on our website with these credits.
- Twitter poster 
- Facebook poster 
- Personal Internet Marketing page 
- Personal URL rotator
Top support Facebook group
Visible Admin

Are you ready for this brilliant income opportunity that can make you money for life IF you play smart and keep Greed away?

If that's the case Join us in our Facebook group NOW and let's get you started asap. All it takes is minimum $25

Monday, 14 July 2014

Make Money Purchasing Advertising Packs - No MATRIX building needed!

We are having SO much fun with Johnny Ganoza's new in line system AdPack Pro. I wonder if that would be anything for you? What I would like to do is to ad you to our group so you can see it for your self. We are making money and having fun at the same time. This gives you an opportunity to look things over and if you don't like what you see it's easy to leave the group again. Let me know and I will ad you there.  Thanks.

So easy even a newbie can do it

Takes no special skills. All if takes it that you are able to read an email, able to manage Paypal and or SolidTrustPay, able to follow simple instructions, able to communicate with us in the group. That's it!


★✰★ NO MATRIX ★✰★ A Real NEWBIE Opportunity ★✰★ 

It's mind blowing how simple and easy a business can be made when 

people with years of experience and knowhow goes into thinking mood. 

This is how AdPack Pro works
Buy an adpack - Get In line - Setup your advertising - 

Apply for the Twitter poster - Apply for you Internet Marketer page 

- Double or Triple your money - STARTS FROM $25


This is what you get with your membership in
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Paypal and SolidTrustPay accepted

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Our AdPacks 

This is what happens

You have a Paypal and/or SolidTrustPay account.

You buy an adpack or more, after your own choice.

Then 2 other members buy this package from you 
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The packages is as follows:

$ 25 - earn 2xs = 200%
$ 50 - earn 2xs = 200%
$100 - earn 2xs = 200%

So easy even a newbie can do it. Takes no special skills. All if takes it that you are able to read an email, able to manage Paypal and or SolidTrustPay, able to follow simple instructions.

We are NO SCAM! We've been here for many years and we offer an unique opportunity for you to buy ad packs and make money on ad packs. In other words, make money on advertising. It's the simplest thing ever!

Join AdPack Pro HERE:

Join our group and let us help you if you don't understand:

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Scammer Dr.Lieven Van Neste

#‎Scammer‬ ‪#‎DrLievenVanNeste‬ is on it again!

"A word of ‪#‎warning‬ from Paul Mandelt. Re. a person who calls himself  Dr. Lieven Van Neste. I was a victim of his previous two ventures and got ripped off. The latest one is His modus operandi is the same The last one was Rockwell-Partners. Spread the word. Cheers Paul
See below.
"We should all plaster the internet forums and where ever we can with this link: To let the world know what a crook he is! We need to stop this greedy conman who is ripping off unsuspecting people for millions of dollars."

I Annegrete Krings, met Dr. Lieven Van Neste as my upline in Banners Broker. Dr Lieven Van Neste was kicked out of Banners Broker presumably because he did steal money from accounts he managed from people who trusted him. Personally I wasn't that naive to let Dr. Lieven Van Neste manage my account and as such he didn't steal any of my money. I did join a couple of other opportunities where he was but never lost anything big. It's only been small amounts as $10-15.

Dr Lieven Van Neste is a scammer and if you meet him or his name I highly suggest that you block him no matter what he says. Block his Facebook and Twitter and what else he has. He is bad business.

Before you pay any money into anything that has a Skype Group and you see Dr. Lieven Van Neste in that Group GET OUT OF IT ASAP!!! 
You may get paid once or twice and that's it. Then the business simple and purely disappears from the surface

Sunday, 15 June 2014

We're Ignorant And Selfish And Do Not Care Whether The Globe Will Be A Nice And Healthy Place For The Coming Generations Of All Living Creatures.

It's a fact, there are climate changes. The temperatures has raised with an average of 0.7% for the last hundred years. Another fact is, that no matter the climate changes is man made or not, human are the ones polluting our Globe, our Sea, our Soil and our Air. It's also a fact that Climate changes has been going on for millions of years. Whether the changes happening now is man made or not shall be unsaid here but fact is that we as humans have a choice. We have the choice to stop pollution IF only we want it.

It IS possible to make changes bottom/up and not only up/down. We ALL have the same responsibility.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

Success Can Be A Scary Thought.

Success is very hard work and a scary thought for many people.

From my point of view it is because of the unknown. We do not know how success feels like and what it really means.
All we have are dreams and other peoples stories and pictures about their success. When we see their success, we also see their Mountain, that has already been fully build and it's a thing we can not imagine our self be doing. When we can not imagine our self doing it, it's because we fear it. Thus we make no moves. 

What we see is a lot of work ahead and we don't know what to grab in and get started. So instead of just start, we don't do anything because as long we don't know how to, we fear we will

Monday, 9 June 2014

Do you Believe in Regression?

"What's your thoughts on pas life regression? Is it imagination or recollection?"
One of my Facebook friends asked that question today.

I tried it once. I have been the daughter of a Dutch Fisherman :D Suits fine though. I love the water, I love fish and I love to fish, if any of that counts :D I do believe this more than I believe in God. God makes no sense to me. That we should have a soul/spirit that 'survives', does not sound strange to me in any way. Also, how else do we know that we have 'met' a person before without ever having been the same place as this person before. Also, some people, like me for instance, know many people already from our first meeting. That is only an experienced soul/spirit that can that. Why else is there so huge difference on people ability to know and understand other people?

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

You HAVE To Take Risks!

"Hi Anne,

How members will continue if other are leaving. We can’t continue on the business if we always break even. We joined a business to earn not to lose.

I will lose $10 monthly if I’m going to continue.


If you can't afford the monthly requirements - DON'T JOIN AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If this is how you expect to make money then I am sorry. someone somewhere has lied to you!

Work For Your Own Benefit!

HEY YOU! Yes you there. Why am I talking to you? Who else should I talk to? Because you're in here! Besides you're doing something I don't really understand at all and I think you need a little encouragement and help to get going! That is what I am trying to provide for you with this.

What I would like to know is, what is it that makes you think, that when you can't build one business, that just by joining another and start posting links, that you will get more success with that?

What is it that makes you think that just by joining a business and do nothing more, that it will build it self?

I mean, will it not make more sense to

Powerful Message To All Human Beings!

Saturday, 31 May 2014

When The Past Catches Up With Me!

Sometimes my past does catch up with me and I feel depressed. 

When that happens I work very hard to keep

Contador Harrison, The Greatest Person I've Ever Met!

Contador Harrison, my best and most important friend.

I met Contador Harrison in 2012. Contador has a great personality with his own set of life-/, work-/, ethic-/ and business rules. He carries a high level of moral and dignity.

Contador Harrison is born in 1983. He has a degree from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. He's a highly respected programmer with many technology-/ and programming skills. He works with software and Mobile developing. He speaks 8 languages and have told me that Chinese and Danish is on his list too.

Contador Harrison has been employed at Somocon Oy since 2010. Somocon Oy is a Telecommunication company and is placed in Helsinki, Finland. With his job

Thursday, 29 May 2014


The Truth Has To Be Told! I Don't Want To Work With You!

All I see you do is jumping between income option upon income option. Yeah you're right I say 'INCOME OPTION'! 

Why am I saying that? 
Because YOU don't treat it like a business, I am sure it is meant to be a good business, but YOU ruin it! 

Why you ruin it?
Because YOU think that just by you joining, everything happens by it self. That YOU can lean back and you expect other people to do your job! YOU expect other people to build your business.

If it was a so-called 'real job', would that be happening like that you think? 
No you're right it would NOT!

So, that brings me to ask you this question. 
Why do you think that just because it is online, that it does? 

Don't you think that it is a real business? 
Well you're WRONG! It is! It's about real people, about real money, about real education, about real lives. Take it in, learn it, remember it, and just do it. 

NOTHING, absolutely nothing, not even online, is going to work without it being worked.
That's the truth, that's a FACT!

Let me share what it obviously a secret to you.

If you agree with me that this is not the way to go let's connect. If you disagree, stay out of my way. I do not want to work with you. You will not only ruin your own opportunity to make an online income, but also mine! I am way better without you in my business. 

Are you ready to face facts and get serious about building an online income? Let's connect. Join me on Facebook. Send me a message and ask me to show you what I got. I bet yah, you've never seen anything like it. It simply does not exist elsewhere. 


WAUW! This Gotta Be THEE BEST Inspirational Video I've Ever Seen!

Very Very Powerful Words And Spirit!
Post by Bar Brothers.

I Feel Like Being Bitchy Today!

If you can't stick to one business 3-6 month and do what it takes, other people are better off without you. Sorry but that is a fact!

It needs to be said and can't be said often enough because that is what we see and when people keep doing this, it ruins everything for all people who are seriously trying to become successful and create a recurring income each and every month.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Best Residual System I've Ever Met!

This is the best Residual system I've ever met. The Average Joe Residual System. 

Just imagine what it can do for you. 

Just imagine if you have a recurring monthly income of $4890 each and every month from the most simply business ever and the best system existing anywhere!


Check it out for free here

When it's set up, and you have your 39 PEOPLE it runs on automatic

Look at the compensation plan

Don't understand it? Then look here

Let us connect on Facebook

Simple Online Businesses: If you Like Feedermatrix, you're going to LOVE thi...

Simple Online Businesses: If you Like Feedermatrix, you're going to LOVE thi...: What if you had ALL the benefits of FeederMatrix  and Direct Pay Biz,  plus RESIDUAL INCOME?   Hello I'm Anthony Moore,   I am ...

Success Does Not Come Watching Television!

To become economically independent is my final goal. Is it also yours?

Before I, and you, are able to get there, there's a looot of work to be done.
If you ignore this work, all that you do will reflect that. It will be in and out, one step forward and one step back, over and over again and you will never reach that goal.
I am not talking about making money. That's not so difficult. I am talking about making money on a monthly recurring basis, month after month, year after year.
I have worked on this for many years and my business, my connections, my reputation, the trust I get, it is all growing on a daily basis and THAT is what makes me able to create a monthly recurring income and reach my goal of getting economically independent.

What it takes?
Well first it takes a lot of patience, understanding, ignorance, curiosity, focus and reliability but most of all it takes communication and education. If you are not prepared to do all of this, I don't want to work with you. Why? Because my time is too expensive to work with Tyre-kickers and lazy people.
If I use my time on those people, where will that get me? No where! If you are willing to learn and understand that nothing comes easy, everything takes time and that learning and education is key and to stay in the same business for at least 3-6 month, I am more than willing to work with you and do what ever I can to help you.
That's the deal. We've created the systems, you work them and we'll support you and do what ever it takes for all of us to become successful.

If you want to work with me, join me on Facebook:

Friday, 16 May 2014

Banners Broker Friday Q/A Webinar 05/16-2014

This is NOT an official Banners Broker transcripts.

Ron Anderson speaking:
Good morning, welcome to the Friday update call. Great to have you back today. Exciting week in the BB universe.
Chris Smith speaking:
Thank you and welcome to the call. We have a lot of great things happening. We are

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


If This IS Not Genius I don't Know What IS! 

An Honest Monthly Recurring Residual Profit System, Build To Help People Make Money, By One Of The Honest Persons I Have Ever Known,  Johnny Ganoza A True Mastermind!

A profit system build to help people make money on a recurring monthly basis. 

A residual income each and every month

100% commissions instantly to Your PayPal account.
Average Joe RESIDUAL Profit System

Only for PayPal account holders!


For $10 and
39 people in your downline, set on an instant residual recurring monthly income
YOU will be making $4890 each and every month!

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Just an easy to handle PROFESSIONAL system

Launched May 4. 2014

Watch the Matrix and earnings plan in description below.



For $10 monthly,
39 people in your downline, we're all set for an instant income, a residual income, a recurring income and will make money on a monthly basis.

YOU will be making $4890 - each and every month! ON AUTO!

Johnny Ganoza, a REAL Joe that makes all the difference!

Watch our video here

No Abracadabre - No Hokus Pokus - No Looping the Loop - No Leapfrogging -
No Tricks - No Magic - No difficult setting up - No coding - No domain - Just Plain Easy and Genius!

Just an easy to handle well thought through professional income system.

- Member To Member Instant Residual Payments
- Thinking Out Of The Box Income System

Look at these 2 pictures to understand how RESIDUAL Joes Profit System works

Let me explain how phase 1 works:
We only earn from level 1 in membership1 
We only earn from level 2 in membership2
We only earn from level 3 in membership3

Sum Phase 1
mbsh 1 = your subscription $10 - earning 3x10 = $30. 
mbsh 2 = your subscription $20 - earnings 9x20 = $180. 
mbsh 3 = your subscription $40 - earnings 27x40 = $1080. 

All in all it cost you $70 - per month

You make from Phase 1 = 30+180+1080 = $1290 - per month

Costs Phase 1 is: 10+20+40 =  $70 - per month

Final Earnings Phase 1 are: $1290 - costs $70 = $1220 - per month

Let me explain how phase 2 works:
We only earn from level 1 in membership4 
We only earn from level 2 in membership5
We only earn from level 3 in membership6

Sum Phase 2
mbsh 1 = your subscription $60 - earning 3x60 = $180. 
mbsh 2 = your subscription $80 - earnings 9x80 = $720. 
mbsh 3 = your subscription $100 - earnings 27x100 = $2700. 

All in all it cost you $240 - per month

You earn from Phase 2 =  180 + 720 + 2700 = $3600

Costs Phase 2 = $60 + $80 +  $100 = $240

Earnings Phase 2 = $3600 - costs $240 = $3360

An Instant Residual Recurring Monthly Income 

build with only 39 people!

FULL COST IN PHASE 1 + 2 = $70 + $240 = $310

FINAL EARNINGS PHASE 1 + 2 = $1290 + $3600 = $4890

If this is not genius I don't know what it!

Check the website here:

Here's some of the things that follows with your membership:

  • Facebook Auto Poster
  • 4 exclusive videos for social network 
  • (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn)
  • Facebook videos (20 videos)
  • Blogging System - with exclusive themes, and plugins.
  • Auto Responder Service.
  • Splash Page System.

Look at the website to watch a video by the inventor 
Johnny Ganoza

Check the website here:

Do you like us but not sure you want to join?

If you like the Average Residual Joe let me know if you need any help. That is what we are all about. To help people make money online for life, instead of jumping around from program to program.

That is why we have setup a group on Facebook. If your interested but not sure if you want to join The Average Joe Residual Profit System, join our group and see what we do to help our people.

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