Saturday, 18 July 2015

I Am Sorry Too.

I am sorry too.


Sorry that the current generations still accuses their parent generation for our problems.
That the youth still neglect and denies our own responsibility.
That responsibility we have as responsible and living here and now.
That responsibility we have with the knowledge we possess.

What is the worse?
Those who did it because they didn't know better
those who keeps doing it in spite of better knowledge.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

What Is Qkadoo?

Qkadoo is a *** patent pending search engine *** that wants to pay you for posting, liking, sharing and commenting. 

Qkadoo does not own your content. Meaning if you choose to delete a post, Qkadoo will delete it too. Not like on Google where it will stay forever and be used to target the right advertisement to you.

With Qkadoo you'll not pay for keywords hits, like on Google, but on networking.

Qkadoo allows you to earn money for free or as upgraded. They have an incredible pay-plan in place.

Qkadoo is SO much more and I think it will become the biggest competition to Google ever.

Watch this video: I love the video with Lynette explaining the future of Qkadoo

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Don't EVER, and I mean EVER go with these scam emails. They are all scam and each and everyone of them has only 1 purpose and that is to steal your info and money.

I received this today:

''Attention Dear;
This is to inform you that the America Embassy office was instructed to Transfer your fund $ 3.3 Million Dollars compensating all the SCAM
VICTIMS and your email were found as one of the VICTIMS. By America Security leading team and America representative officers so between
till 9th ​​Of October 2015 you will be receiving the sum of $ 3000 dollars per day. However we are informed that we have already sent
The $ 3000 dollars this morning to avoid cancellation of your payment, Remain the total sum of $ 3.3 Million Dollars.
You have only six hours to call this office upon the receipt of this Email the maximum amount you will be receiving per a day starting from
today's $ 3000 per day and the Money Transfer Control Number of today is below.

Payment Made Today.
Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN): 6368406063 (Available for pick up by receiver)

AMOUNT: $ 3000 Us Dollars
NOTE; The send $ 3000 is on hold because oft the instruction from IMF office, they asked us to place it on hold by requesting the Clean
Bill Record Certificate in order to fulfill the entire necessary obligation So that we will start sending you the payment through Western Union
Money transfer, the necessary Obligation i mean here is to obtain the Clean Bill Record Certificate.
We need the below details from you, to enable us place the payment to your name and transfer the fund to you.

Your Full Name: ___________
Your Country: __________
Your Direct Telephone Numbers: ___________
Your Direct Office Phone Numbers: _____________
Mobile Phone Number: ______________
Your Current Home Address: _________
Your Office Address: ______________
Your Current Occupation: _________________
Your age: ___________________
Your Next Of Kin Name: ______________
Your Next Email Address: ____________

Further more you advised to call us as the instruction was passed that Within 6 hours without hearing from you, Count your payment canceled.
Number to call is below listed manager director office of release order: + 1-4028041571
Thanks Mr. GODWIN BEN''

They try to play this psychologically on you by using time pressure:
''You have only six hours to call this office upon the receipt of this Email''

Also note spelling mistakes

Don't fall for it. It's 100% scam

Thursday, 18 June 2015

This is how MAP is working

How MAP is working / How My Advertising Pays

For the people just in it for the money and products:

1. Sign up for a free account
2. Buy credit packs
3. Click 10 ads a day
4. Don't forget your products

Bear in mind you don't have to recruit, but you will earn far more money if you do.

Each pack gives you 1 slice of the profit share pie (the more packs you have the more money you earn)

For those wanting to drive traffic to their site:

1. Sign up for a free account
2. Buy Credit Packs
3. Click 10 ads a day
4. Create a campaign
5. Don't forget your products

Each credit pack gives you 550 credits and 10 boosters to assign to your campaigns.

Your ad is then shown in the traffic exchange to the 137k+ MAPs members, a nice big captive audience.

Make your ad stand out and people WILL click.

Come join us on MAP. We're rally rolling the rocks...... 

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Major General Gary S. Patton patton - Skype scammer

Major General Gary S. Patton patton alias hachan30111

Ha ha ha ha ha.... so was my response to his friend request on Skype. What a complete jerk. Thinking I don't investigate him and knows who and what he is. Checking his Skype profile, watching his language and not the less putting the question to my self that 'what on earth does a US Major General want with me, little Mam nothing of anything in that direction'? And to see if I cold make a little fun with this idiot.

Trust your guts. There's NO WAY that Major General Gary S. Patton wold ever want to connect with you or anyone else on Skype, unless it is someone he knows already. All US Military staff are very well aware of scammers stealing their names, pictures and ID's to try and steal money from naive and good believing people. All except the scammers them self.

Do a check of the Skype profile. Check out the language used on it. Ask your self this: Does a very high educated person within the US military really spelle and write like that? It's a BIG NO NO NO. Don't fool your self. It is a cheater and criminal:

Here's our short conversation:

[16:06:09] *** Major General Gary S. Patton patton would like to add you on Skype

Enter a message to introduce yourself...hello how are you doing, please add me to your contact list ***
[16:06:41] Annegrete Krings: Fuck off scammer
[16:08:08] Major General Gary S. Patton patton: god we bless you to call scammer
[16:11:00] Annegrete Krings: I know what I talk about and how do you dare use God doing what you do.... shame on you and now FUCK OFF
[16:13:33] Annegrete Krings: You can't even talk a proper English and expect me to believe you're a Major General... you're fucking nothing
[16:14:19] Major General Gary S. Patton patton: thanks
[16:15:26] Annegrete Krings: Get a life where you don't steal from people


Saturday, 13 June 2015

NEW! Global Online ScratchCard

Online Scratchcards
The Biggest Business Ever On The Internet!

Welcome to this webinar. 

Your life-changing 'Pre-Launch Ground-Floor

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Will launch at any time during summer 2015

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One of the most exiting
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Please be aware that the details contained within 
the slides on this Webinar could be subject to change 
by the Company at Launch time!

Why Scratch Cards?
Scratch Cards are VERY popular across almost every Country in the World and Online Scratch Cards and Instant Win Games are becoming incredibly popular Online!
Welcome to Your Life-Changing Opportunity.

Every day Millions of people around the World buy Scratch Cards
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e-Gaming is HUGE and it is growing at a phenomenal rate!

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WHY are Scratch Cards so popular?
1. Because they are FUN

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3. Your chances of winning a prize is good 
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4. People love Winning!

The Scratch Card Market

Billions of Euros are spent every week Globally!!

More than €1Billion a week is spent in Europe alone!!

In some Countries, Scratch Cards are more popular than playing the Lottery!


In the UK, more than 2,000,000 National Lottery Scratch Cards (Instants) are bought every day!!

So the Scratch Card Market is HUGE and it is GROWING fast!Virtual Online Scratch Cards are much more convenient and people can buy them from the comfort of their own home via their own computer, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Virtual Online Scratch Cards are:-

Instant Purchase!!
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Do You Think
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YES, absolutely

The new Opportunity
Introducing a GLOBAL €5 
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Very soon, an Online Gaming Company will be launching a Brand New Online Scratch Card, which will be a €5 Scratch Card.

This will be a GLOBAL Launch and almost anyone in the World (except the USA, Iran and probably North Korea) will be able to purchase them!
They are looking for Members who want to purchase and promote!

The new Opportunity

There will be thousands of prizes, ranging from
 €5 to €125,000
The overall odds of winning a prize will be
 1 in 3.4
(Better Odds of winning than a £5 National Lottery Scratch Card)
This will mean that thousands of people around the World will be winning every day!!
Depending on your Country’s tax laws (e.g. the UK) this could be Tax-Free money

The new Opportunity

If you want to become a Member and you wish to start to promote the Scratch Cards and you would like to ‘Share’ the Opportunity with others (i.e. ‘Refer a Friend’)

the cost will be €30 and a minimum spend of €30 a month!

For that you will receive 5 x €5 scratch cards YOURSELF when you join and also 5 x €5 scratch cards every month

The Company charge just €5 a month for your Web-site, Tools and back office!
This is great Value For Money!!

Lots of Different Payment Methods!!

There will be lots methods of
 Paying In and Paying Out
Including Visa, Mastercard,
 Direct Bank Transfer, 
SkrillNeteller etc etc

Sharing the New Opportunity with others!

If you share the opportunity with other people and they become Members, you will benefit from any purchases/sales they make.
You will NOT be paid any commission, however you will be rewarded by receiving Credits, which can be redeemed to purchase €5 scratch cards!
The more credits you receive, the more scratch cards you can buy!

You have the potential to earn a BIG Income in winnings!! Let me explain.

Here is how the New Opportunity works…VERY Simple Plan!

When you pay your initial €30 (plus €30 a month), the Company will instantly give you 25 x Card Credits, so you can buy 5 x €5 scratch cards EVERY Month, which represents real Value for Money!

Please note:-   One Card Credit is worth €1

This means that for 

EVERY 5 Card Credits you receive, 
YOU will be able to buy an 
Online Scratch Card 
(Value €5)

NB. All the scratch cards are €5 to buy.

Once you have made your €30 purchase, you can start to 

Share the Opportunity
 and build your own Team of 
Online Scratch Card Members around the World!

The Plan is a 5 x 6 
forced Matrix Plan

Level 1= 5
Level 2 = 25
Level 3 = 125
Level 4 = 625
Level 5 = 3,125
Level 6 = 15,625

The Power of the Plan!

The system is a ‘forced’ 5 x 6 matrix. 
But PLEASE try to get your 5 yourself. 
If anything is placed under you from your 

Upline Team, regard that as a BONUS!! 

Please Do not rely on Spillover

If it happens then GREAT!!

So here is how your perfect 5 x 6 structure will look when it is full

5           Level 1 You earn 5 Credits  = 25         card credits a month from your Level 1 = 5 Cards to scratch

25         Level 2 You earn 4 Credits   = 100      card credits a month from your Level 2 = 20 Cards to scratch

125       Level 3 You earn 4 Credits   = 500      card credits a month from your Level 3 = 100 Cards to scratch

625       Level 4 You earn 4 Credits = 2,500     card credits a month from your Level 4 = 500 Cards to scratch

3,125    Level 5 You earn 4 Credits = 12,500   card credits a month from your Level 5 = 2,500 Cards to scratch

15,625  Level 6 You earn 4 Credits = 62,500   card credits a month from your Level 6 = 12,500 Cards to scratch

Total 78,125 Card Credits to YOU every month =
15,625 x €5 Cards for YOU to scratch Online every month!!

The more Credits you earnthe More Scratch Cards you can buy!

Total 78,125 Card Credits to YOU every month = 15,625 x €5 Cards for YOU to scratch Online every month!!

Approximately 1 in 3.4 cards is a WINNING card, therefore YOU should have approx 4,595 winning cards every month!

The minimum win on a €5 card is €5, therefore 4,595 x €5 = €22,975 per month in 'Tax-Free' Winnings to YOU J


Of course, you will probably win a LOT more as there are thousands of winning tickets which will pay you more than €5 and there are some HUGE prizes!!

Will I be able to Scratch all those cards?

Instant Reveal button

So €22,975 a month to fill your full 5 x 6 Matrix
However, what if you only filled
25% of it?
That would still give you more than
 €5,000 a month!!

100% Payout

100% of the money taken in by the Company in scratch card purchases, will be paid out in prizes 

 Most Lottery related or Scratch Card related Companies pay out approx 50% of what they take in, in prizes. This Company pays out 100%
That again is unheard of…100% winnings…no deductions!! Tax-Free in the UK and in many other Countries!!


Expected launch June 15th 2015 

This is YOUR chance to make 2015 
YOUR life-changing year.

Just spread the word to everyone you know that 
something BIG will be launching soon and they can get 
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Are You In??

 If you are interested then PLEASE contact the person who invited you here, me 

Your inviter is
Annegrete Krings
The owner of this blog.
You can respond to this post 
and you can contact me on my 
Facebook: annegretekrings